photo booths

My love of giving gifts

photobooth hireWhen it comes around to birthdays, most people express dislike of having to buy gifts. I think most people feel inconvenienced by having to get a gift, and they worry that they won’t be able to choose something that the other person likes. There’s a lot of pressure, I can understand that, but I tend to see it more as a fun challenge. For me, I actually enjoy thinking about what to get a person and then going out to get it. I’m not trying to sound altruistic here, I’ll admit that it’s purely a selfish thing: I just enjoy the process.

So, I pride myself on buying people awesome gifts. It’s not the money that’s the factor per se, because I’ve definitely made things in the past and often these gifts are more personal and meaningful. Most recently, when it was my sister’s birthday, I solicited the services of photobooth hire. Melbourne has some companies that will actually lease you a photobooth for a night. I know it sounds strange but they’re actually a blast at parties, especially when there’s alcohol involved.

When I unveiled the photobooth at my sister’s party, she had a bit of a titter. I guess she thought it was a lame idea at first, but when the guests arrived, everyone just flocked to the photobooth instantly out of curiosity. Let me tell you, that thing was not empty all night. There was always someone in it and thankfully it had an unlimited amount of printing paper inside so we never ran out. It’s not every day you go to a party with photo booths. Melbourne, I’ve got a feeling, is going to catch onto this trend and I reckon it’s gonna become really big at parties. The only thing now is how on earth I’m going to top myself when her birthday comes around next year.