My Forward-Thinking Thoughts on Pests

pakenham pest controlRight now, there’s a complex internet war raging over an incredibly important subject. No, it’s not that new American president…that pales in comparison to the magnitude of this issue.

Melbourne is currently dealing with two major schools of thought: that of pest controllers and homeowners, and the views of the Melbourne Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects and Other Invertebrates (MSPCIOI). And look, as a hip millennial person, I can see both sides of the argument, because I’m just open minded like that. I’m well-connected, I know people down in Sorrento, pest control is their thing and it’s super important. Like, no one wants to go on holiday and have their bed overrun with creepy crawlies.

Not that I’d go on holiday in Sorrento, since I’m a hip millennial and I want to expand my horizons by visiting other cultures, taking back only memories, leaving only footprints. That kind of thing. But yes, I do agree that pest control is important, and termite control is even more so because those things eat your house. Do you know how expensive houses are?? Since the baby boomers decided to screw us over when it comes to housing (thanks, baby boomers), it’s become even more difficult for us millennials to afford houses. And imagine if you could through some miracle and then a termite came and ate it. Several termites, even. It’s the only thing worse that the baby boomers stealing our future.

But then, I’m a hip millennial so I have to be concerned with pretty much any social cause, especially when it’s vaguely to do with saving the planet. Not that I think termites and ants are what’s going to save the planet…but…they could be. Science could find a way.

So that’s my dilemma. I WANT to take the side of Pakenham pest control people who are just trying to do their jobs…but I also want to seem concerned about the environment in front of my internet friends. What to do??