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Did you become your childhood dream?

dry needling courses New ZealandIn the Western world, we’re so obsessed with individualism and uniqueness. We tell our kids, ‘You can be anything you want.’ and ‘Aim high’. It’s good in a way because it gives people a sense of freedom and inspires ambition. But on the other hand, it sets kids expectations too high and most people invariable disappoint themselves if they can’t settle into mediocrity. We also tend to worry about young kids who don’t exhibit these high ambitions. So did you become what you wanted to be as a kid? Did you become an astronaut or marine biologist or rock star or pet detective? We also tend to worry about young kids who don’t exhibit these ambitions.

Now that I’m twenty one, I’m doing a number of dry needling courses in New Zealand. Was it close to what I wanted to do as a kid? Surprisingly, yes. I was always obsessed by the body. My sister and I used to play doctor and nurse and perform surgeries on our dog, Slobbers. I had been watching TV shows about surgeons and decided it was a very cool and glamorous career choice. My parents encouraged me by telling me it’s highly paid. I was ambition as a small children, then puberty came along.

I didn’t get into medical school. My grades were average. I was too interested in boys and nightclubs to focus on earning the big bucks. But now that I’m learning to treat people with trigger point dry needling, I think I’m probably more fulfilled than having pursued a life of medicine. I live in Auckland now but I really want to go explore australia after i graduate. Maybe one of the bigger cities like Melbourne or even Adelaide. Dry needling courses set you up to open your own practice, so I’m thinking I might work in Oz for a couple of years and save more money to travel around. There definitely aren’t enough people practicing this innovative and effective treatment here in NZ or Australia.