Tool Inspection Over Bad Movies

Note to self: never, ever, EVER commit to an Arnold Schwarzenegger marathon. Not now, not ever, never again. I can’t believe I let Lucinda talk me into this. She was all ‘but he was pretty hot when he was young, and you don’t notice his acting when there’s garage toolsall those explosions and stuff, and Daryl is bringing popcorn.’ The popcorn swayed me, but then Daryl forgot and had to go out to get some and the stuff he got wasn’t even good.

By the time we reached Kindergarten Cop, I was ready to burrow through the walls and start a new life in Aruba. I couldn’t sit through Twins. No one could make me. That’s when I found the aluminium accessories, Melbourne has so many impressive options to choose from. I’ve managed to occupy my time without being missed. See, Lucinda’s dad has this kitted out garage with pretty much anything you’d ever need, ever. Toolboxes stuffed full of every tool known to man, several ride-on lawn mowers…everything. It was like Bunnings Warehouse, but without all the price tags and people asking if you need help every five minutes. While everyone else was going on with their marathon in the living room, I wiled away the hours looking through all the stuff. No one even noticed I was missing, except the popcorn bowl was probably going down a bit slower than usual. Yeah, they really should’ve noticed that, but I was happy enough. Funny thing is, I’m not usually interested in tools. Show me a set of aluminium accessories and I might be interested at how shiny they are, but that’s about it. Still, faced with the prospect of The Schwarzenegger-athon back there…I chose to goof around in the garage for a bit. I even read a few of the labels, learned what things did. I didn’t even know that aluminium service bodies came with so many warnings, but I guess people everywhere use them for stupid things, because those people are stupid. And that was my wild adventure, where no one knew I’d bailed.