Mystery in the garden

landscape design MelbourneStanding there watching the team tear up this family’s garden and throw it into the back of their truck was heartbreaking. I was visiting a potential investment property which had recently gone on the market. I had been renting for some time but had finally saved up enough buy a house. It was eerie to find out the house I’m looking at buying was abandoned. The tenants simply vanish, leaving behind all their belongings. I wondered what had happened to the young couple, were they happy? Had one noticed that they seemed strange in some way? The garden was being torn up to check for any signs of mischief. It was obvious that the garden had been well taken care of. Someone had loved every gladioli and plant in the backyard and then vanished without a trace. It was upsetting to see the flower beds being ripped out. I really hoped the digging didn’t uncover anything sinister.

I found myself creating reasons in my head as to why the family had abandoned the house.I guess I was trying to come to grips with why they may have left so suddenly. What could have happened to make two people leave everything and not tell anyone? It wasn’t long before the truck was full and the house was empty. I stood, watching the truck drive away with an entire household full of memories. I walked back through the house on my own trying to gather my thoughts. I knew the sonatini hippeastrums would grow back, I know some of the best garden landscapers in the business. I wasn’t sure if I could buy this property. The empty rooms had a sad look to them and I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a lot of unhappiness in the walls. This place definitely needed to be cleansed before I put down a deposit. I think it would be smart to start thinking about the new landscaping design, Melbourne is famous for having great gardens after all.  I wouldn’t be buying any haunted houses any time soon. I know better than to mess with angry spirits.