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Mass flushing causes blocked sewers in Melbourne

Melbourne blocked drainAn epidemic of children flushing their toothbrushes has gripped Melbourne due to a popular children’s television show.

To date there have been thirty reports of blocked sewers. Melbourne parents have taken to Facebook to express anger at the network for airing the episode.

The mass flushing occurred following the airing of a television show in whi
ch a toothbrush was flushed down the toilet by a character seeking to avoid brushing her teeth.

The cartoon program, Pixie Tales, has since been taken off air.

However, even children who did not watch the television show have been causing blocked drains due to toothbrush flushing, as they pick up the idea from peers.

There have been several reports of children pushing toothbrushes down sinks, although this tends to be an easier fix than flushed toothbrushes.

In some instances, children have flushed the toothbrushes of their entire families.

Melbourne mother Jana Green had to call drainage repair technicians after her son Ollie flushed thirty seven toothbrushes in a row.

“At first we did not know why the toilet was not flushing properly, but when we realised all the toothbrushes were gone, Ollie had to admit what he had done,” she said.

“I called the drain cleaners straight away and luckily they were able to fix the drain blockage the next day. I hope Ollie has learnt his lesson, I gave him a good talking to.”

The writer of the Pixie Tales episode has apologised for the debacle.

“I am so sorry to all who have been affected by the toothbrush flushing epidemic, and I wish everyone’s drains a full and speedy recovery,” he said in a press statement.

“In the episode of Pixie Tales, the drain does not get blocked, so children doing this are likely unaware of the consequences of flushing their toothbrush. In fact, I was not aware that the drain would become blocked, and this is why the sewer remained clear in the episode.”

Those with blocked drains in Melbourne are urged to arrange for drain cleaning as soon as possible, as there may be long waiting lists as more children flush their toothbrushes.