rod holders

Marine fabrications – the fabric of male bonding

rod holdersWhen I was a lad my father would always take my brother and I out fishing outside of Melbourne. It was a great opportunity to bond with Dad, and pretty rare as he’d be working all the time (or staying nights at his paramour’s house, as we later learned). We’d go on a day trip to a river or lake somewhere, hire a little boat and throw our rods out for some fish. Dad would always catch the most and the big ones. It was so much fun, some of the best memories of my childhood, and good to get out of the city.

Now that I’m a father myself, I want to provide the same experience for my son, and hope that he remembers me for something more positive than the stain of infidelity that my dad left us with. Now I’m getting the new boat all set up for it. I called a company who do marine fabrication to install things like rod holders, snapper racks and coaming. These accessories are particularly useful on a speed boat.

My son’s a pretty quiet kid. He spends most of his time playing video games and doesn’t have much interest in the great outdoors. In fact, he never gets up to much mischief like we used to. We used to hammer the cartridges from cap guns and do silly things like explore places we shouldn’t be in.  A bit of fresh air ought to be good for the kid, I mean he hardly ever leaves Melbourne. I bet once he puts his fishing rod into the new aluminium rod holders, he’ll be hooked. Fishing is really an exhilarating sport. It’s much more engaging than the virtual experiences of video games. I want my son to get more life experience, you know, instead of learning about life through a screen. He’ll have a better ability to deal with real world problems. One can only hope the fishing has a good influence on him. If my son enjoys our fishing trips, hopefully I can pass the boat down onto him.