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I’m Off to See the Glazier…Musical

glass replacementsI wouldn’t say I dislike musical theatre, not at all. I just don’t ever seem to get the opportunity to go along and see it. I think it’s to do with having no friends who are into it at all, probably. No one to suggest, no one to go with…so why would I go at all? I see that The Try ‘N Sing is coming to Melbourne (that’s the Bizney one about a bunch of lions who organise a singing contest) and I ALWAYS think…’that sounds good!’ And then I just don’t get around to it.

Except now I totally will, because I’ve WON tickets. I’m sure I’ll be able to find people if it’s free, and a good show. This one is a musical biopic about the first ancient Egyptian to invent windows, and it follows his family line all the way down to a humble glazier in Melbourne. So…okay, I’m not 100% certain on how true to life this is. I think parts are inspired, and parts are just invented for the comedy factor. Still, it’s got a great cast, and I’ve listened to some of the songs. You’d think they were composed by Andy Boyd himself, or at least someone who’s intimately studied both his work and that of glaziers. There’s a whole song devoted to glass balustrades. That’s…weird, but I think I’ve seen weirder things in musicals.

Some interesting new talent here as well. The second-biggest role is the glazier’s friend who sort of follows him through history, some guy…Howie Steele, I think. Obviously I’m no musical person so I can’t say I’ve tracd his career, but people seem to be liking him in the reviews I’ve read.

So that’s what I’m doing on Saturday night. Going to see a musical all about the finer points of glass replacement and repair through the ages. But we all need to step outside our usual routine every now and then.