Gaming VS Gardening

Tulip-Queen-of-the-NightThe most dangerous game: humans, apparently. I read it in a short story back in school. All I can say is that this was written far back in the day when they didn’t have video games, specifically Shaded Spirits. No game will ever be made that’s as dangerous to your mental health, because I wrecked two controller and a screen in my enraged state. It’s just…hard. So gut-bustingly hard, and designed to take away all your efforts in a heartbeat.

The mental health thing might not be entirely accurate, though. I got really angry at the time, but it really awoke within me a desire to garden. No, really. I got so frustrated at the screen that I found I just had to go outside and do something productive. And that’s where my daffodil flower bulb love affair began, really. Overnight, I went from avid gamer to avid gardener. It was something I’d never explored in the past, since I was so obsessed with the whole business of screens and getting the latest gaming experience. But Shaded Spirits…well, it was designed to break YOUR spirit. It certainly did that with me. Maybe it was because I took games so seriously that failing at this one went right to my core. Anyway, I went right outside, saw some flower bulbs that had yet to be planted and…the rest is history.

It’s a more simple pastime, but I enjoy it all the more for it. There really are no worries with gardening, or none that are the same. No reflexes involved, no concerns about how I’m going to get past this latest boss. It’s not without concern, but it’s certainly less concerning than the world I left. What do I have to be concerned about now? Maybe the fact that I haven’t planted my tulip bulbs in the right place? Plants grow slowly…I can just move them.