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Fishing is Love, Fishing is Life…

fishing rod holders

Unlike most people around here, I fish through the winter. That’s how you can really tell the people who are into a hobby, just like with bike-riding or spelunking; if they do it well into the cooler months, then they’re a true brother or sister in the art! In fact, most of the fishing shops around Melbourne shut down or turn into something else come May, so it’s fortunate that Archie’s down the road and he never closes. Not even for public holidays. And he always has fishing rod holders in, which make great presents for people who’re just getting into fishing.

I try to convert everyone I can to the ways of fishing, but it’s not always easy. You should hear the complaints I keep getting: it’s too cold, I don’t like fishing, it’s boring…ugh, bunch of stereotypes!Can’t stand how everyone has it in their head that fishing is a bore! They’ve obviously never done any emergency steel fabrication when the boat’s going down, or hooked a shark that jumps up on deck and starting flopping around and trying to bite everyone. And sure, your local creek isn’t likely to have those, but…the steel fabrication thing still stands. I’ve had leaks in the boat that can only be fixed by emergency welding, and that’s why I keep a welding torch on me at all times along with some extra scraps of metal. Funnily enough, it always seems to happen when I’ve got new people and we’re in about, oh, maybe the seventh hour of the trip? Yeah, that is weird. Maybe I need a better boat?

Anyway, they often assure me that the experience has been eye-opening! No new recruits, maybe because they think about what’ll happen once winter hits. Just layer up and learn a bit of marine fabrication for a place in Melbourne. You’ll be fine!