Design Disasters, But…Not Really?

office designersI really hope this TV show pans out. I just went and changed my name for it and everything, so you can’t say I’m not committed. Two hours sitting in Centrelink, just so I could hand a form to a lady who gave me the most judgemental look as she made a small note on the computer. Boom, done. Not that I want to put anyone out of a job, but I feel like we could save the economy by replacing these people with robots.

Anyway, the show, which has now been retitled Dwayline’s Design Disasters. We’ve got the network (the sizzling channel 72, thank you kindly) and now I have a skeleton crew on my side. Now we just need some kind of space in need of a dramatic, cinematic redesign. It’s going to be tough competing with people who do office design in Melbourne, what with their experience, equipment, manpower and general professionalism…but I like to think our show is offering something a bit different. A niche service, if you will. Namely, we’re going to make people famous.

The whole reason I got into this in the first place was because I’m buzzing with amazing ideas that can’t just stay in my brain. Get this: my theory is that every office can stand to be improved with some avant garde furniture, and stat. A simple addition of a snazzy, brightly-coloured sofa and a glass coffee table does wonders for a space.

That’s the grand, master plan, anyway. We’ll see how it all goes, but I’m excited to finally get the whole project moving. If I can actually get the opportunity to show everyone what this show could truly be, that is…though I have faith in my team. And in my incredible skill in designing offices, which is NOT going to take business away from actual Melbourne office designers, I’m pretty sure. Coming soon to a screen near you!