Conveyancing, Serious Business

property conveyancingMore people need to understand that property conveyancing is no laughing matter. I won’t have those smug estate agents telling us we’re not a necessary part of the whole property exchange experience, especially when our industry is growing as fast as theirs. Mouthy people, for real. Just because they get to wear colourful blazers, travel around the place and use clipboards. Well, they used to…now it’s all tablets.

But they always try to give us grief at housing conferences, like they’re the cool kids in school. Oh, anyone could quickly look up the details of a property and go to a place to open the door. Who does the heavy lifting once the people actually decide to buy the property? That’d be…oh, it’s us. Of course it’s us, even though they don’t seem to realise it. Conveyancing is the nitty gritty of the entire business. All the paperwork goes through us, we deal with the major financial talks…so basically, all the stuff an estate agent typically does not know how to do. They NEED us. And yet we’re still treated like second-class citizens.

It’s enough to make a person retire and take up a life of joining wood. That’s actually career plan B…always did like the whole wood joining process. It took me about six weeks in wood-tech to create a table leg, and it wasn’t even that great as a table leg. Still, it was mine. It’s my special back-up career, for if the abuse becomes too much.

It’s fine at the moment though. I’m still a big fan of the entire conveyancing and settlement procedure, and how it makes home buying easier. SO much easier. Honestly, those estate agents. All they do is start the lawn-mower, and then they act like they’ve done the entire landscaping job.