Take Traffic Seriously

I didn’t expect the Me-Straw Re-Verse to be just eight minutes of people getting hit by cars, but they HAVE been pretty controversial lately. Now it’s caused an uproar and they’re trying to say that it was an avant garde PSA on being safe around traffic, and I really don’t know WHAT to think, but I do know that there’s now a competition on to make an actual PSA about traffic safety.

Traffic safety is something I take very seriously after I lost my laptop to a freak accident, right after I rented it from the library. That was an awkward conversation with the Bendigo Library, just like it would’ve been an awkward conversation with the Bendigo mechanic who had to pull the remains of a laptop out of the wheels. Like, that’d be an interesting addition to any mechanic’s day, really. All day they’re working on cars, and it’s all just replace tire, turn the nozzle, replace oil, fish baby carrots out of the engine of a 1995 Hummer. But then someone rolls up, all crackly, and they say they need some laptop removal from their tires, stat. That may have been the only time it ever happened, and is definitely a fun challenge for any mechanic. I’d find it fun, if I was a mechanic.

Anyway, that PSA I’m going to enter will definitely include THAT incident, because doubtless it has the potential to happen again, plus it’ll catch the eye of the judges. I bet they’ve never seen the brutal dismemberment of a laptop beneath the wheels of a Mazda GX before. Maybe the whole video can just be laptops and phones and tablets being destroyed beneath car wheels, with the sobering message: ‘Every year, garages for car servicing in Bendigo remove thousands of dollars worth of technology from the wheels of cars. Be safe around traffic. Think of your gadgets this Christmas.’

Sobering indeed, but someone needs to think of laptops before they speed everywhere like fools.