Rabbits As Part of a Growing Family

animal-hospital-Bayside“Those who know nothing, know all of what they do not.”

I am learning all kinds of wisdom as a teacher, which truly proves what Master Mantis Shrimp always told me: the act of teaching will teach one more than they could ever learn as a student.

For the first time since coming to these shores, I feel truly happy. I am passing on my accumulated wisdom to those who come seeking it, and gaining more wisdom in return. Brother Dragon often drops in from his nomadic travels, and we greet each other as family.

Also, I have a rabbit now. Such fascinating creatures! Albajeria does not have any such things, diverse as its fauna is. I had seen them around, but knew not that people kept them as family members until I went to a pet surgery in Bayside, on an errand for my very nice foreign neighbours. Their extremely small and vocal dog needed to go for a checkup, but they were taken up with family matters, so I would go to the vet with little Jasper in their stead. While sitting in the office, Jasper in my lap and asserting his strong will over every other animal that entered, I noticed that a couple of folks had rabbits in small, portable hutches. I hadn’t considered this, although to be fair, I was surprised upon coming to Australia that ANY animals were kept inside houses and treated as family, separate to wildlife (they call them ‘pets’). There was no such distinction in the monastery.

But rabbits were also family? I was curious. As it turns out, they are regularly sold. I went again to the animal hospital in Bayside to see if I could rescue one, but they said that it was a hospital and not the right place. Truly, I hadn’t considered how one officially brings a pet into the family here. As it turns out, the lovely foreign family next door put me onto the internet, namely the Oak-Tree where many things are bought and sold, and I found rabbits in need of family.

So now I have six living with me. They’re very soft and we are getting to know each other. Terribly unpredictable and mischievous, though. Much like human family.

-Tiger Sun