Plumbing No More!

Melbourne emergency plumberI don’t know how I didn’t see it before. Plumbing, seriously? Nobody doubted my enthusiasm, sure, but even I couldn’t tell that I was terrible at it. I guess I let it go to my head far too much whenever I actually did something right. I’d fix a boiler or tighten some pipes, the people would thank me, I’d tell them to have a great day and walk away knowing I’d made a difference. Not as much difference as someone who could do the job better, however.

I mean, I love kids. And baking! I’m actually good at that too, so why I decided I wanted to join the ranks of the 24 hour Melbourne plumber professionals, I do not know. It wasn’t the big bucks, because my Uncle doesn’t pay me that much and it’s a lot of travel without reimbursement. I suppose I just really wanted a career in something. Plumbing, like lots of things, is something you can work at until you reach the top of your game. So you’ve got a plumber who starts as an apprentice and becomes the master. Yeah, that appealed to me. Something that stated that I was good at something, and it would be in writing. Or…if not in writing, people would acknowledge me as a master plumber. My services would be requested, because people knew I was good. Validation all around! That was what the lecturer at MTSC made it seem like, anyway.

Little did I know that life doesn’t quite work like that. I was never going to work my way to the top of plumbing. This is why they say follow your passions, kids, not just a job that you sort of think might be good, and is something that your Uncle needs. I’m not even devastated any more. This is good. A real Melbourne emergency plumber can take up the job I was doing and do it better, while I start teaching kids baking. Already I’m thinking of lesson plans, so I think this was the right choice in the end.