Design Disasters, But…Not Really?

I really hope this TV show pans out. I just went and changed my name for it and everything, so you can’t say I’m not committed. Two hours sitting in Centrelink, just so I could hand a form to a lady who gave me the most judgemental look as she made a small note on […]

A Property Conveyancer No More

Is it really right to force a person to take over the family business? I mean, it’s the twenty first century, I should rights. There are many more careers than there used to be, and with the way education is, you can pretty much have your pick of the bunch. It’s not the 1800’s, when […]

Talkin’ Bout Hair

It has been said that I’m not the girliest of girls. Like, I’m not manly either, so I guess that just makes me…a girl. A regular girl. Woman, even. Actually, the release of Wondrous Female has got me thinking a lot about femininity and all the people getting up in arms on one side of […]

Play Centre Visits Are Tiring ME Out

Having children means making sacrifices. That’s what the manual said, and I always read the manual before I do anything. This one was conveniently titled Children: Making Sacrifices, and it went on at length about how when you have a baby, suddenly your life is not your own and all your efforts have to be […]

Who’s environmentally friendly now?

I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as an ‘envious’ person, but I would say I have a bit of a competitive streak in me. And I would definitely say that Jim and I have a healthy competition going. Who’s Jim, you ask? Well, Jim’s the owner of the offices next to mine. It’s one of those […]

Plumbing No More!

I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. Plumbing, seriously? Nobody doubted my enthusiasm, sure, but even I couldn’t tell that I was terrible at it. I guess I let it go to my head far too much whenever I actually did something right. I’d fix a boiler or tighten some pipes, the people […]

Mass flushing causes blocked sewers in Melbourne

An epidemic of children flushing their toothbrushes has gripped Melbourne due to a popular children’s television show. To date there have been thirty reports of blocked sewers. Melbourne parents have taken to Facebook to express anger at the network for airing the episode. The mass flushing occurred following the airing of a television show in […]

My Forward-Thinking Thoughts on Pests

Right now, there’s a complex internet war raging over an incredibly important subject. No, it’s not that new American president…that pales in comparison to the magnitude of this issue. Melbourne is currently dealing with two major schools of thought: that of pest controllers and homeowners, and the views of the Melbourne Society for the Prevention […]

A Condor Confrontation Atop the Scaffolding

I always get stuck on the dumbest things when I’m writing short stories. Thing is, the tiniest details are important to me; in a story of only 2000 or so words, the smallest thing can tell you loads about a person. Like, take the main character I have right now, who has been just impossible. […]

Being inspired by the inspirational

I think it’s finally time that I go back to uni. I know, I know, that’s a bit of a big sweeping statement, but just hear me out. I dropped out of uni about two years ago because, frankly, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. The whole thing was really just a […]