She Won’t Be Right Any More…

“She’ll be right, mate.” I don’t think she will, actually. I want to say the old bomb will keep going, and I shouldn’t have any worries, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening. Too many years, too much stuff carried. It’s time the old Corolla was laid to rest. We had a good run, though. […]

Rabbits As Part of a Growing Family

“Those who know nothing, know all of what they do not.” I am learning all kinds of wisdom as a teacher, which truly proves what Master Mantis Shrimp always told me: the act of teaching will teach one more than they could ever learn as a student. For the first time since coming to these […]

Walls, Rocks, Normal Things

There was a very interesting feature in ‘Garden Proud Quarterly’ about building a garden wall. Never built a garden wall before. A few years ago, I almost planted some petunias, but otherwise, it’s been a whole lot of nothing out there. I think about it every time I go to work in my office job, […]

Welcome to the House of Fun…

A new week, new challenges, and whaddya know? I’m bein’ let down, again! I thought I could trust Charleine with sorting out the building documents, but Charleine is a lazy bum and she shited the job onto Lorline and Gelatine, two bigger airheads than her. But the worst thing is that Charleine has been here […]

The Power of Electricity

Total number of current patients: one. And he’s my best friend, so really, things are still pretty slow. Still, this is the exact type of thing faced by Galileo, Tesla…and the guy who invented the Cronut (that’s the marvellous mix of a croissant and a doughnut). Everyone thought they were crazy, but then what. They […]

Furnishings for the Big Expo

Good grief, sometimes it feels like this golfing expo is never going to arrive. We’ve been planning it for…gosh, it can’t be more than a year, or the expo would’ve been over and done with. Feels like years though. Not that I mind having something to do, mind you. Ever since Harold went off to […]

Conveyancing, Serious Business

More people need to understand that property conveyancing is no laughing matter. I won’t have those smug estate agents telling us we’re not a necessary part of the whole property exchange experience, especially when our industry is growing as fast as theirs. Mouthy people, for real. Just because they get to wear colourful blazers, travel around […]

Learning from the Common Folk

It wasn’t what I was expecting from the event, but I enjoyed myself immensely all the same. Australia has very few old, rich families, but I’m proudly one of them. We made our living in the 1800s, building ships that would transport the rabble back and forth across the great oceans. My greatest regret is […]

The Sultry Sound of Needles

I didn’t exactly choose the easiest career, but I feel like it’s one of the most rewarding in the end. Every single day brings new challenges as a custom scenario music producer, but the reward is in the finished product. It’s why I learned to play 27 instruments in the first place: there is never […]